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Creating and maintaining your website + digital content can be hard and overwhelming. I’m here to help. Hand your projects over to me so you can focus on what you do best — your business.


Digital Content Creation & Upkeep

Need help creating or maintaining digital content? From social media to email to your website–it’s a ton of work! Let me help you stay current while you focus on your business.

Website Development

Need a new or redesigned website? I’m here to walk you through the steps — from deciding what will be the best platform to host your site to planning awesome and relevant content.

Website Care & Special Projects

Tired of keeping up with all the backend needs for your website? Have an idea for something else to add on your site but never have the time to do it? I’ll help you get it done.


Bethany Smith of Cadia Marketing

I’m Bethany. I “am” Cadia Marketing. I love helping people with their website + digital content needs.


My work in websites + digital content production and development spans decades as I’ve worked for a news organization, major corporations, for small start-ups and finally for myself.

I am a solopreneur, a coffee-lover and a television binge-watcher. I am a mom to two little boys (#boymom) and happily married to Aaron. I love digital content & marketing and hope to share some of that love with you.

I also run as I’m now focusing on helping food bloggers be reader-focused in all areas of their digital marketing!


My Work

Here are some of my website projects.

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