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Need help growing and maintaining a loyal and thriving audience for your food blog?


Mini & Full Site Audits

This audit is for you if you want to grow your blog by knowing you are providing the best user experience to your readers.

Consulting + Training

Need help figuring out exactly what to do with your food blog and want someone to guide you along the way?

Site categorization + organization

Coming soon. A service to help figure out the categories and organization for your food blog.


Bethany Smith of Cadia Marketing

I’m Bethany. I “am” Cadia Marketing. I love helping people with their website + digital content needs.


My work in websites + digital content production and development spans decades as I’ve worked for a news organization, major corporations, for small start-ups and finally for myself.

I am a solopreneur, a coffee-lover and a television binge-watcher. I am a mom to two little boys (#boymom) and happily married to Aaron. I love digital content & marketing and hope to share some of that love with you.

I also run as I’m now focusing on helping food bloggers be reader-focused in all areas of their digital marketing!


let go of your digital content stress.

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