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A website is often one of the first exposures a future customer has to your business. You need to make sure your site reflects your professionalism and the spirit of your company. I’ll walk you through each step, simplify the process, and create a site that will wow both you and your customers.

Case study

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Portland Millwork

Recently Portland Millwork wanted not only to update its website but also give it a thoughtful overhaul. I had created their previous website but it was mostly just “fresh paint” from what was there before. They wanted to work on SEO, make sure the website reflected high-end parts of their business, and connect well with both homeowners and the business clients they serve.

To help with SEO, I overhauled the structure, making sure each page made sense for search, as well as properly organizing headlines and text on each page.

Together we sourced spectacular images from their previous builds, and from the manufacturers they resell. Highly professional images as well as an appropriate color scheme elevated the site.

We revamped their products, services and about us pages to make sure they were easy-to-understand to any website reader. We wanted to highlight everything that makes Portland Millwork the successful company that it is.

All these changes resulted in a site that they, and their customers and clients love. It’s now easy to find in web searches, and simple to navigate once on the site.

About Me

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I love working in digital media, and developing websites. I’ve been working in this space for over 20 years, and have been running Cadia Marketing for over 10 years. I’ve helped many clients achieve website success.

I have two elementary-aged kids, one dog, and one husband. I also run a coffee blog, and you can often find me posting on Instagram. You might also find me out-and-about playing Pokémon Go, or going for a nature walk with the family.


What do you use to create a website?

I create websites on either WordPress or Squarespace. It depends on your business needs which one will fit best. These platforms are both time-tested and offer an array of best-practice options.

Can you just make a few changes for me?

I can’t offer “just a few changes” package, but if you want to talk about getting set up on a monthly or annual retainer so I can continually update and monitor your website for you, let me know.

How long does the process take?

It depends wholly on the scope of your project, but once we agree to work together, most of my projects are done in 6-8 weeks.

I started to work with another web designer, but it's not going well. Can you help?

Possibly. Reach out and let me know what’s going on.

Someone else made our website and now we don't even know how to access it!

I can often use my excellent internet-stalking skills to figure out how to “hack” into your site.

Do you have a minumum project fee?

Yes. To make sure the project works well for all involved, my minimum project fee for a WordPress site is $4,000 and for Squarespace $3,500. Yes, it can sound like a lot, but this means you will get a well done, thoughtful process and an amazing finished website.


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